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  • Odds And Ends Centerpiece
  • Summer Barbeque
  • Half Dozen Rose Vase
  • Mother's Day Mailbox
  • One Dozen Red Roses
  • Strawberry Teapot Design
  • Heart Jewellery Box
  • Spring Cake Plate
  • Spring Flower Cart
  • Floral Easter Basket
  • Two Easter Eggs

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    Floral Design by The Flowergod Volume 1 DVD

    The Flowergod Volume 1 DVD

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        Have you ever been at a Halloween or Thanksgiving party and wondered who did all the great floral arrangements? Every table has a beautiful centerpiece. There is an arrangement inside a pumpkin. Or a dozen yellow roses in a classic vase.

    Everything You Need to Get Started Today. . .

        Can you imagine everyone at the party approaching you to give you praise for the floral designs? Whether it was for additional income or those floral arrangements were a favor for friends, you'll surprise everyone when they see the great creations you display. My Volume 1 DVD includes eight instructional videos with a few floral designs you could use in the fall or winter seasons.

    Eight Awesome Episodes in One DVD

        The classic arrangements on this floral design DVD include a 'Parellel Arrangement', 'Dozen Fall Rose Vase', 'Tropical Arrangement', 'Centerpiece Arrangement', 'Old Fashion Arrangement', 'Grecian Urn', 'Fall Pumpkin Arrangement', and 'Fall Centerpiece'. You can create some classic floral designs needed for a gorgeous fall centerpiece to come off in style.

    Click to Preview the following videos.
    Episode 1

    Episode 2
    Dozen Fall
    Rose Vase

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5
    Old Fashion

    Episode 6

    Episode 7
    Fall Pumpkin

    Episode 8

        If it's a party in your family, they'll love how much more festive your floral design makes the party. The Flowergod Volume 1 DVD teaches you everything you need to know to create beautiful arrangements and make everyone happy. The DVDs have everything you need to get started. Get started today!

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    The Flowergod,

    Jim Daniel


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    Floral Design By The Flowergod Luau Edition DVD

    Floral Design By The Flowergod Luau Edition
    The wedding edition DVD of The Flowergod contains eight floral design instructional videos. Instruction is so easy to follow that you'll have your own floral arrangements in no time.

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    Access yellow and green Flowergod t-shirts plus white Flowergod golf shirts. Multiple graphic designs.



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